If you are a home or commercial property owner who is living or working in a building that has been ill-constructed, or a general contractor or developer faced with a building crisis, our firm can help. A construction defect is a condition in a building  that diminishes the value of that building, or creates unsafe and potentially dangerous conditions. Typical defects relate to water damage, poor workmanship or use of incorrect or substandard materials.  However, allegations often relate to a failure to abide by contract documents, including plans and specifications , applicable Building Codes and the standards of performance set forth by the building industry. David H. Pierce & Associates, PC has extensive experience, and has maintained a leadership posture, in this specialized and complex field of resolving construction defect complaints.

 Our firm has litigated hundreds of construction defect cases resulting from:

  • Erroneous site selection and planning
  • Civil and structural engineering errors
  • Poor waterproofing design and systems
  • Improper drainage or soil preparation
  • Inadequate supervision or sequencing
  • Negligent construction
  • Use of defective building materials

These defects cause:

  • Structural failures
  • Foundation, floor, wall and roof cracks
  • Dry rot from repeated exposure to water intrusion
  • Leaks from roof, windows or doors
  • Mold
  • Seepage/drainage
  • Plumbing issues
  • Heating and electrical problems
  • Landscaping and soil problems
  • “Sick Building Syndrome”

We have a long track record of successful construction defect litigation throughout the State of California.

Do you have a construction issue that needs to be resolved?