When a civil case takes on characteristics that set it apart from a typical one-on-one contract action, or a common personal injury claim, that case may be deemed “complex civil litigation.”

Such complex matters require an added dimension of knowledge and creativity to be both effective and efficient in representation of a client. David H. Pierce & Associates PC has the skill and familiarity necessary to succeed in these challenging cases, and to avoid their many possible obstacles, in order to protect your interests as well as your assets in cases where the issues become as individual as you are:

  • Complex civil litigation often includes elements recognized by courts to require special handling. Such elements may be:
  • A multitude of parties or damage causation questions,
  • Employment discrimination;
  • Construction defect;
  • Mass torts actions, which also involve a large number of parties, and which are handled under a separate set of procedures and rules;
  • Insurance coverage or regulatory actions which require an intimate knowledge of the statutory framework under which the claim must be prosecuted or defended.
  • Environmental or toxic tort claims which include not only a variety of parties but a variety of sophisticated questions regarding the materials or science involved.
In the same way, cases which necessarily involve an active law and motion practice before trial, or the coordination of a substantial amount of documentary and other evidence, or management of related claims arising in different jurisdictions, may all be considered and handled as “complex litigation” claims. Many courts set aside special local rules and departments specifically for the handling of these more challenging matters.

David H. Pierce & Associates PC has dedicated itself to the litigation of such difficult cases specifically so that our clients may reap the benefit of our hard-won knowledge and experience. This capability, combined with the resources of a firm well recognized within the legal community as being thoroughly professional and result-oriented, offer our clients the unique benefit of the best representation combined with the most cost-efficient results.

When you have questions that can’t be answered by a quick internet search, it may be time to consult with a professional who has seen it all before, and who can offer real-world help and advice.

It’s time for David H. Pierce & Associates PC.