Business Disputes & Contract Issues

Our firm’s years of litigation experience and team approach have earned us an excellent reputation within the community representing clients in general liability matters for businesses and individuals. 

We have a team of business litigation attorneys with a successful and comprehensive track record in jury trials throughout the State of California in matters such as:

  • Insurance Issues –  negotiated settlements or litigated awards, coverage-related issues, property line (neighbor) disputes
  • Construction Law - contract disputes, breach of contract, code violations, construction defects  and negligence
  • General Business Law – contracts, tortious conduct, interference with prospective economic advantage, unfair business practices, licensing and manufacturing business disputes, unfair competition and intellectual property issues
  • Real Estate Law - residential and commercial real estate contracts, contract disputes, breach of duty, failure to disclose, failure to perform, etc.
  • Employment Law – significant and high-value employer and employee issues involving all forms of employment
  • General Civil Litigation - tortous and statutory wrongful conduct, breach of contract, code violations and standard of care issues
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