The soaking of heavy winter and spring storms will take its toll on soil stability and cause the usual mud slides, slope subsidence and other informal changes of address that appear in the news every year. Out of the home, of course, you are still vulnerable to threats caused by the abnormally heavy rains and flooding. These threats take the form of road flooding and hydroplaning, mud on the street surfaces and reduced control of vehicles (and drivers) more used to the dry conditions of the past several years.

We have already seen rainfall equaling the heaviest downfall of 2015, bringing with it related traffic snarls and accidents, and we can look for more of the same moving forward through the winter and spring. Unfortunately, we all know that a decrease of control of a moving vehicle equals an increase in probability of injury to the driver and to those outside the passenger compartment. 

If you are unfortunate enough to be injured in an accident this year, be sure to make your own good luck by contacting David H. Pierce & Associates PC. Getting you back on your feet and back on the road is one of our specialties – our experience in this area helps to minimize any loss to you while reducing stress on you and your family.